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Australian Made Homewares

everything you need to know about bowerbird’s

Homewares Collection

Our bespoke range of handmade homewares is continually evolving. And now we even have a portion available online.

What makes a Bowerbird piece so special?

Bowerbird Lamps are the culmination of Peta and Ellie’s creative talents. Working together with their team, they combine artistic beauty with form & function.  They’re always seeking new ways to make everyday objects a joy to use

Did you know that our ceramics are hand made by Peta? Learn more here.

From Lamps, to key tassels, each handcrafted piece is imbued with our love of colour and form. And, we know how important it is to create interiors that reflect our individuality, which is why we offer customisation everywhere possible.

What Homewares are Available Online

What Homewares are Custom Order Items

Our ceramic lamps, lampshades and oil paintings are custom order items, not available on our online store.

Vibrant colour and bold, expressive brushstrokes characterize artworks by Ellie Sweetman.  Browse her available oil paintings and portrait portfolio now.

Our exclusive ceramic lamps are the result of over 20 years of design and development by  Peta Sweetman. Each lamp is hand made by the Bowerbird team in sunny Brisbane.

We love combining art and function to create beautiful, bespoke lampshades. Browse our range of exclusive fabric, designed by Ellie, and our range of international designer fabrics. 

The level of customisation we offer makes it essential for us to clarify the details of your order.