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Custom Lampshades Made In Australia

At Bowerbird Collections we make

Patterned Lampshades

Learn how to make your own lampshade with Sue in our Brisbane store.

We love combining art and function to create beautiful, bespoke homewares. Our patterned lampshades turn any lamp into a work of art that becomes the feature piece in a room.

Every lampshade you purchase from Bowerbird Collections is handmade by us in our Paddington store.

On top of our exclusive Bowerbird fabrics we stock a wide range of international designer fabrics. Our collections has everything from classic botanical designs, to modern geometrics, animal prints, and plain linens.

Our Lampshades are
Custom Order Items

We know how important it is to create interiors that reflect your unique spark, which is why we offer customisation everywhere possible. 

Choosing a lampshade. How to get started

Check your ring fitting size. If you are ordering a lampshade to fit an existing lamp we need to know the ring fitting size. Standard, Euro or Finial fitting. Not sure? We’re happy to assist you when you order. 

Choose the lampshade size. We have a wide range of sizes available, and we can also custom make a lampshade to your measurements. Our lampshades are bonded not stretched. This means we can’t make traditional waisted or ballerina shaped stretched lampshades.

Choose the lampshade fabric. Browse the fabrics in the photos below, or on our lamp page.

Order Now : Fill out our custom order online form HERE

We have a 2 week turn around, plus shipping, for custom lampshade orders. If the fabric and rings are not in stock, it could take an extra 8 weeks.

Bowerbird Collections
Exclusive Fabric Range

Bowerbird’s designer fabric range features bold colourful artwork by Peta and Ellie. Each design has been precisely crafted to match back with our ceramic lamp colours. And better still, the whole range is printed in Brisbane on lustrous Linen Cotton for clarity and vibrancy. The tight weave and smooth finish is ideal for lampshades and light upholstery.

Lampshades made in our fabrics are moderately priced in bracket C. 

Lampshade Price Indication

The lampshade size and fabric choice determines the price of each lampshade. Our extensive range includes some very valuable fabrics. To give you a price indication we have allocated an alphabetical rating

Click on the desired fabric below and match the letter in the description to the example prices. These prices are for a 14″ drum lampshade.

The lampshade images in the gallery below are in order of price.


14 x 14 x 9.5″


A $205 (plain cotton/linen)

B $215 (Bowerbird Stripes)

C $225 (Bowerbird Patterns)

D $230

E $235

F $245

G $265

H $270

I $285

J $300

K $335

International Designer Fabrics

in order of price from low to high. Click on the desired fabric to see the price bracket. 

Prices subject to change without notice.