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5 Bright and Conscious Clothing Brands We Can’t Get Enough Of

Here at Bowerbird, we hold such a focus on the importance of a strong and ethical ethos. We find it incredibly important to take initiative in the making process where you can. Our small team based in Paddington all carry these values in their work to provide conscious clothing and homewares. After all, our products are our responsibility from start to finish in production! Want to know more about what we do as a business to serve both you and the planet? Check it out here!

But needless to say, we don’t only pay attention to what we are doing as a business! We are constantly looking around us, and being inspired by different brands with a focus on transparency, sustainability and an ethical approach to fashion. We thought maybe you might want to see these too and so we’ve compiled a small list of our favourite bold, bright and conscious clothing brands with staples to last you through not only this Autumn, but the next one, and the next!

Variety Hour

Big, bold and bright! The patterns crafted at Variety Hour are nothing short of attention-grabbing. Perhaps most striking about the ethos at Variety Hour is their belief that prints don’t need to change every season, in fact they can be timeless. Their painterly prints are designed to make you happy and they are designed to last. Both are qualities we strongly support at Bowerbird.

Founded by textile designer, Cassie Byrnes, Variety Hour is a Melbourne based brand whose aim is to make prints that make you happy.  Made from scratch, made ethically, and with hand-painted prints to fill your home and wardrobe. They consider the output of garments and they make for supply levels. Variety Hour has a similar approach to us, and in particular Ellie’s practice – Approaching the pattern as a piece of art, and reworking it to be suitable for fabric. All items focus on the print first, and demand the viewer’s attention and appreciation of the vibrancy of the work.

Look at this statement jumpsuit by Variety Hour. We adore the painterly vibes and colour palette of this print, which seems especially fitting for Autumn colour tones. Photo Credit: Variety Hour (Click through for product)


See more of Variety Hour here.

The Social Outfit

Based in Sydney, the Social Outfit is an ethical trading social enterprise who direct their attention to providing employment and training to new migrant and refugee communities. Currently they are training or have worked with people from 30 countries around the world. They provide industry recognised skills in the fashion industry and provide work and training to those who seek, regardless of previous experience. Their products are designed to be made to last, and they are constantly striving to a more sustainable approach where they can in their work.

The Social Outfit has a commitment to the global community, a commitment to providing secure employment, and an encouraging environment for people from all different backgrounds to express themselves.

Our favourite? The Ochre Blazer. Perfect to layer the colder months and a colour that is timeless. You can wear this product again, and again, and again. Handmade in Newtown, Sydney. Photo Credit: The Social Outfit (Click through for product)

See more of the Social Outfit here.


Ah Kuwaii. One of my favourite pairs of pants that I wear day in and day out come from this Melbourne based studio. Honest, fair and kind, Kuwaii provides an alternative to fast-fashion and mass-produced clothing in the industry. One of my favourite facts about the brand? Each Kuwaii item is produced within 15km of their design studio in Melbourne! Kuwaii is a slow brand, a thoughtful brand, and a brand that creates clothing you feel good in. We at Bowerbird always appreciate a brand that goes the extra mile to have an ethical approach, even if it means a longer timeline of production or higher costs.

Guilty for loving these as a wardrobe staple – thanks Kuwaii! Hint: You don’t need hundreds of pants in your wardrobe, you just need well-tailored, timeless cuts that you can wear again and again. And this colour makes sure you stand out! Photo Credit: Kuwaii (Click through for product)


See more of Kuwaii here.


Can you tell we like print-based textiles yet? Farn, the amazing brand out of Melbourne by Fashion-Buyer-Turned-Textile-Designer Amanda, is a creative spin on the natural environment. Amanda draws from her surroundings to create bold and bright patterns from  traditional Australian flowers. Colours mixed by eye, and all garments hand screen-printed, made to the finest detail right in Melbourne, Farn is a wonderful option for those who want to buy bold garments, made to last, and made with love.

These Daintree Wide Leg Pants from Farn are bold and quirky but still completely wearable and easy to style! If you want staple pants here they are! Especially if you can’t step away from patterns we recommend these as your new favourite pants to last a lifetime! Photo Credit: Farn (Click through for product)

See more of Farn here.


Going out with a bang, Bowerbird has been a long time fan of the quirkiness and extravagance of Kablooie. The prints are bold, oversized and completely unique meaning that you can find a piece that can express your own individual style!

Every Kablooie garment is hand made in Brisbane, Australia and each is made to order… very conscious clothing! Everything is kept in the local family at Kablooie, focusing on commissioning independent local designers, or printing the fabrics through a local Australian business. They even have a wide sizing chart, making it possible for every body shape to find a piece that’s perfect for them! Their offcuts are utilised, their packaging is compostable, the garments are handcut and sewn in Brisbane, the list goes on!

The Shape Up Baby Doll Dress by Kablooie has such a bold print. If you want to focus on keeping your wardrobe essentials to a minimum, it’s always fun to make sure one of your go to looks is a pop of colour and a pattern you won’t grow tired of! Photo Credit: Kablooie (Click through for product)

See more of Kablooie here.

Shop Consciously

It’s so important to us at Bowerbird to be conscious of the clothing decisions you make. We want to emphasise that all your wardrobe items can be purchased with the intent for them to last in your life. We don’t want to support the fast-fashion movement. Rather we want to give all our love to sustainable clothing and a slow-fashion approach. If you’re looking for some more fashion inspiration that you can shop guilt-free, why not have a look at our clothing. Specifically the new Romance culottes or Cross Skirt in Romance in the header photo, we can’t get enough of! Just remember you still need to ensure that the way you treat the garment is sustainable too!

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