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Bowerbird Gift Ideas for the Sustainable Shopper!

Once again the season of gift-giving is upon us, and the Bowerbird Girls have brought together their favourite gift ideas for you! We know it can be a tricky time of the year. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of finishing up the year, we also think about ways we can show our loved ones we care. Suddenly, it’s the final minute at the shops and you’re scrambling to find something that might fit the person on your list.

Why All The Talk About Gift-Giving?

This year, you can say goodbye to the gifts that aren’t necessary or those last-minute attempts. We have put together a few of our favourite gift ideas for the sustainable shopper. These gifts are a great way to show your loved ones you care, without causing a negative impact on the environment. BONUS! You can also support local makers.

Often when we buy last-minute gifts that are in our budget, we don‘t pay too much attention to how the gift was made. This is completely natural and the hard-to-avoid trap of the gift-giving season! Whether it be fast fashion, unethically manufactured or unnecessary items, buying gifts ain‘t always easy!

Every day feels like Christmas in the Bowerbird store!

Is It Necessary?

Firstly, we can ask ourselves: does this person in our life really need or expect a gift? Often in the mania of Christmas time, brands are telling us we need to buy, buy, buy! This can lead to unnecessary gifts when all the recipient really wishes for is some quality time together, sharing an experience. As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes the simplest gestures mean the most. Spending time in your day with this loved one, quality heartfelt time is always a memorable gesture.

Why Not Make It!

Okay, so you really want to give this loved one a gif, but you want to keep it sustainable… Why not make it! Some of the most well received presents I’ve given are the homemade ones. Some home-cooked sweet treats, a handmade body scrub, a thoughtfully put together photo album, or even a freshly picked bouquet of flowers from the garden. These are all great ideas (tried and tested!) that really show that special friend or family member you care.

Handmade Coffee Scrub Bars! Find the recipe here.

It’s All In The Experience!

With all of our busy work schedules this time of the year, it can be challenging finding the time to be with your loved ones, or hand-make a gift. If you’re set on not revolving your Christmas around unnecessary presents, why not think outside the box! Think about the experience! How about two tickets to your favorite film at the drive-in theatre, or book a date for a Cork & Chroma evening, where you can sip on wine and paint your masterpiece. How about tickets to introductory dance classes, taking up a new skill for 2021! The possibilities are endless, the options can be personal and thoughtful and the waste is minimal!

A glimpse at the Cork & Chroma experience, where you can let your creativity run wild!

Give The Gift of Ethical Products

Now we know, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it feels impossible to shop sustainably for all of our Christmas presents! And with the limited amount of time with the Christmas rush, sometimes you can’t always execute the absolute perfect gift. We totally understand, and to help make everyone‘s life a little easier, here is our giftguide to help your shopping get started this season.

Bowerbird Collections Notebooks

We have brand new stock in-store just in-time for Christmas! These gorgeous notebooks are printed with our very own artwork by Ellie. These beautiful journals are printed in Castlemaine, Victoria on 100% recycled paper. Australian made and with the Bowerbird style, it’s our new dream diary! They are just $40 for a pack of 3 making them a perfect stocking filler!

Which one is your favourite? We can’t decide!

Even better, from the same printers we also have some gorgeous matching gift cards, that aren’t just perfect for Christmas, but all year round! These cards also have Bowerbird artwork on them, and the envelopes are 100% recycled. Oh, and did I mention, they are only $30 for a pack of 5!

Windella Farms Handmade Soaps

Windella Farm is a boutique goat dairy out of Cohan’s, Victoria. Certified Australian Made, these products promote ethical farming, natural products and no animal testing. Both goat milk based or vegan based, the skincare products and soaps from Windella Farm are the perfect stocking filler for when you don’t know what to get! And we almost forgot to mention, the soaps begin at $7.95, hello bargain!

Interested? Find their website here.

Oxlade & Heart Coin Purse

I don’t know about you, but coin purses are always the handiest thing around. Keeping the little coins together in the bottom of your bag, and perfect for when you need a small amount of change. Oxlade & Heart, one of our favorite local makers pieces together offcuts and fabric scraps. Her products are zerowaste, completely individual, and eye catching! Oxlade & Heart is a business passionate about embracing slow fashion, handcrafted textiles, and unique collaborations with other local makers.

Want to know more? Visit Oxlade & Heart here.

Potted Plants

Ah plants! Don’t you know we can’t get enough of our green air purifying beauties! These are a great gift for anyone, no matter the age or gender! A friendly house plant, that is easy to care for and beautifully potted fits beautifully into anyone’s home. Our tip? Start with something beginner friendly if you are unsure of the recipients familiarity with house plants. We recommend a Pothos or “Devil’s Ivy”. Beautiful, easy to care for, and we guarantee you’ll be opening up your loved one to a great new world!

P.S. Have you seen our range of beautiful plant holders? Pop into our Paddington store to find out what all the fuss is about!

Sprout Gallery Art Prints

We have recently started stocking art prints by Michelle Edward’s Sprout Gallery and we are obsessed! These are the perfect, affordable gift for your loved ones who channel the inner artist! Brisbane based artist Michelle Edwards, finds beauty in the ordinary, and exemplifies it with wonderfully detailed artworks! All prints are carefully packaged and delivered from her online store, or you can pop into Bowerbird take a look at them yourself!

Read more about Michelle Edward’s artistic practice here.

Ceramic Earrings

The Bowerbird earring range consists of handcrafted ceramic pendants, available in any of our signature glazes. There are so many variations, and gorgeous options, that you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for any of your loved ones. My personal favourite is the ceramic bell earrings paired with freshwater pearls in our blue spot glaze, but the possibilities are endless! These little earrings range from $89 upwards, making it easy to find something to fit into your price range for that special someone.

After something different? Shop our range of fashion here.

We hope this helped you find something sweet for the person you love. We know it’s always a difficult time of the year organizing, hosting and gift-giving. All of the items we’ve listed are also available (limited) in the Bowerbird store, so if you’re a Brisbane local pop in and say hello! We’d love to help you peruse the range and find the perfect gift for the one you love.

After such a crazy, unexpected year we are so happy to be coming into the Christmas month, and looking towards a new year. As always, thank you for your continued support with us, it means the world!

Until next time xx

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