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It seems more and more that every time we enter a store or scroll through our instagram newsfeed we face the dilemma of how to shop sustainably. As the growing trend for green fashion rises, so does the opportunity for businesses to market to you based on these interests. But how do you really know the difference between a green lifestyle and just plain greenwashing? Here are some simple tips and tricks from us here to navigate the sustainable world and make your shopping habits twice as nice! First things first. What really IS a sustainable product? Plain and simple, a sustainable product provides benefits for the environment, society and the economy. It is a product that is transparent from start to finish. Sustainable products are made within fair working conditions. They are products which materials have been ethically sourced. A sustainable product is aware of its impact on the climate and takes steps to reduce said impact. What is Fast Fashion? To identify this, let’s first take a look at what is not sustainable. The fast-fashion model foundation is cheap manufacture to sell vast quantities of low-cost profits to make a profit. In order to encourage consumer consumption, the companies convince the customer that they need the latest product. That their life will be improved by acquiring the latest product. That in order to be trendy/happy, the perpetual buying of low value, fast-moving products is a necessary commitment. Nobody is Perfect Though! However, we know that we are not perfect