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Sustainable brands are currently a popular talking point, and rightly so (thank ­you Greta Thunberg!) Yet it seems to me like all businesses are happy to jump on the bandwagon, even if their qualifications are lacking. The question is: are we at Bowerbird Collections sustainable? And how can you as a consumer identify what sets apart a business as a sustainable brand? The key to answering this question is transparency. To help your process here are all of the ways that we are currently doing our best at Bowerbird to provide a truly sustainable brand. What do sustainable brands look like? To identify this, let's first take a look at what is not sustainable. The fast fashion model foundation is cheap manufacture to sell vast quantities of low cost profits to make a profit. In order to encourage consumer consumption, the companies convince the customer that they need the latest product. That their life will be improved by acquiring the latest product. That in order to be trendy/happy, the perpetual buying of low value, fast-moving products is a necessary commitment. At Bowerbird, we believe that sustainability means integrity, quality, true cost, and a dedication to natural components and fibres. We sell what we make for the true cost. The products we supply are not based on trends that leave you questioning why you spent money. They are an investment, built to last and built to inspire in your home without an expiration date. Check out this ceramic Ancient Greek jug